Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Who thinks we should go?

I'm doubtful about the guilt of Megrahi. I fully supported Kenny MacAskill's decision to send him home to die. I don't doubt the carthartic effects of being back in his homeland amongst his kith & kin has extended his life beyond the 3 month prognosis - which was not considered to be a certainty, but rather a "reasonable estimate"... actually if you want all the words MacAskill used, you can find them here.

I'm not quite sure why the US Senate commitee can't just look up the details on google as I have just done, but that's for them to worry about. After all, they're the legislature of a foreign country and who on earth am I to tell them how to go about their business? Then again, that's exactly why I am 100% behind Kenny MacAskill and Jack Straw declining their 'invitations' to attend a senate hearing. All the information available to the Scottish government and the reasoning behind MacASkill's decision have been made clear and is easily available. The difficulty might be if you expect a balanced media to have reported what MacAskill actually said, rather than the slimey words of Richard Baker or Douglas Alexander's slant on what he sort of said, then you'd struggle I suppose.

So, on that point, I've managed to find a host of bloggers who both agreed and strongly disagreed with the original decision to release Megrahi, now singing in unison that we should not be kowtowing to the US senate, having to explain ourselves. The only people who think we should are Richard Baker, Councillor Terry Kelly (who seems to think Alex Salmond should go for some reason) and the editorial team of the Scotsman. All fine, balanced, analytical minds I'm sure you'll agree, but I find them out of kilter with general opinion in the country - maybe that's just the section of society I find myself in. If you think otherwise, I'd love to hear why. Leave a comment - maybe even a link to your own blog.

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