Monday, 19 July 2010

Open season... Dreaming of Fife...

I had thought the summer's sports events were all over as news of the football pre-season was starting to dominate the back pages of the papers, but had almost entirely forgotten that the British Open was in St. Andrews.

It was terrific to see the Old Grey toon on the box all weekend though. St. Andrews and the North East of Fife must be one of my favourite parts of the world. The weather is better through on the East coast, I love the pubs and there are some great restaurants - BTW have you ever heard of the Fife Diet? A cracking idea that appeals to me in so many ways.

I'm not sure that I'd ever be that bothered about actually going along to a golf event though. For one thing the TV coverage is superb! I really enjoy Peter Allis's work - and I know he's not eveyone's cup of tea. The coverage and the camera work though is superb. I can even enjoy the golf on the radio, although the 5-Live limerick competition did become a bit of a distraction on Sunday afternoon. I've got no aspirations to play on the old course or to follow someone about the place watching them do what I can only dream of. I'd much rather go when the place is a bit quieter. Did you know the Old course is public and you can just walk across it on a Sunday? There's a beautiful seafood restaurant just over the road from the back of the R&A clubhouse too. A walk across the historical old Course, down by the beach and a walk in spot at a tip-top restaurant - that's my idea of a decent Sunday afternoon, far from the madding crowds! As for golf courses, well you could hardly beat Balcomie Links in Crail for scenery, history and a challenge. Leave the old course to the pros and the tourists.

On other matters golf, my far too generous in-laws offered to replace my recently broken 3 wood as a 40th birthday present. The result is that I'm now the proud owner of a Yonex nanospeed i. I'd never dream of spending that sort of money on a club for myself, but the gift was given for that exact purpose and what a club it is! I hit a hundred ball on Saturday and I could easily have stayed at the range and hit a hundred more. I cannae wait to get this wee beauty out on a course... I feel a trip to Fife coming on!

If you've not been to N.E. Fife, you should go. It's braw! If you ask nicely, Finlay might even do you a deal too ;-)


  1. GOD! Even reading about golf is boring!

  2. Take it easy Fridgey boy!
    Apparently hosting the open in St. Andrews was worth <a href=">£80 million</a> to the Scottish economy. You should be getting yourself a set of clubs and joining us on the fairway to heaven.

  3. Hi Jim

    I may be wrong, but I don't think public access to the course is restricted to the Sundays, but obviously it wouldn't be a good idea to go wandering about on the Old Course when play is in progress, which is just about any time other than a Sunday.

    You can certainly drive across the little road that straddles the 1st/18th fairways at any time, although clearly you're expected to give way to the golfers.

    I would only do it on the Sunday though, since because I'm not a golfer I'm never really clear when its appropriate to drive across when play is in progress.

  4. Thanks Stuart, I kind of knew that it's really a public course and generally accessible by the public, but as you say wandering across a golf course whilst play is on isn't the most advisable. I'm sure if you're quick and careful, you could still get your Swilken Bridge photie taken ;-) Better to do it on a Sunday and take your time though.