Wednesday, 21 July 2010

The bile is rising...

I've been getting increasingly hacked off with the reporting of how naughty we Scots have been and how we're in big trouble of the big boays fur no doing what they think we should do.

1. How's Capt. William C. Rogers III enjoying his dotage - that's the former American Naval officer who shot down an Iranian airliner in Iranian airspace, whilst he was fannying about in Iranian waters, just in case you we wondering - the Yanks awarded him their legion of honour at the end of his stint on that particular ship.

2. The Libyans and the Yanks and everyone else agreed to have Megrahi tried under Scots law. He's been convicted under Scots Law and was serving his sentence under Scots juristiction. If the world didn't trust us to do the right thing, there would have been no trial or conviction in the first place! On that particular point though, I do wonder whether we didn't make ourselves stooges in the first place, given the doubts I have (shared by Dr. Jim Swire) over the validity of the conviction.

3. I've no doubt that had he spent another 3 months in Greenock prison, he would have died. The carthartic effect of him being returned to his homeland and family can not be underestimated. So fuck up with the criticism of the medical reports which quite clearly stated it was an estimate in the first place!

4. I'll enjoy the praise from the likes of Nelson Mandela and the potential peace that our compassionate treatment of a dying man could bring about over the criticism of any war mongering c*nts in Westminister or Washinton.

I know I'm not alone. Munguin says it here and James Kelly says it in many great posts, but Dark Lochnagar covers the anger I'm starting to feel best. I'm delighted to be in such fine company.


  1. Jimbo, I'm forming a militia to invade the U.S. Are you in?

  2. So long as we're dropping by Westminister to put that wanker Cameron in his place first!

  3. Thanks Jim... I enjoyed that post and, as you might guess, I agree with every word.

    Thanks for the link to Munguin...

    Good stuff.