Friday, 30 July 2010

Political Compass Revisisted

Saw this on one of Subrosa's 'Other things you might like' widgets today and thought I'd revisit the old political compass. Surely now that I'm a middle-aged parent with responsibilities I'll have moved towards the Authoritarian Right...



  1. Jings Jim, you're more left than John Prescott. :)

  2. Subrosa - There's not many in the Labour party who know their left from right, especially not after Tony helped them realign their priorites.

    Baron Prescott's shadow may still obscure the left from a Labour perspective, but it's a different left from the one I understand, and if he was half the man that he weighs, he wouldn't suddenly be remembering how ropey the WMD claim actaully was - he'd have shot them out of the water when he had a real chance to do something about them.