Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Plus ca change...

I've been mulling over multiple topics for blogs lately and there's more than a few subjects that I'm interested in these days.

The joke trial of Tommy Sheridan & Gail on Perjury for example (Hope Tommy wins again, not because I don't think he's been a shagger, more for the fact that I believe the original jury understood exactly what they were doing and were well within their rights to come down on Tommy's side - What has followed is a shambles!)

Rooney... good grief! If ever there was a time to knuckle down and just play football it's now. Who advises this loon? I simply can't see him settling overseas.

Trams - was over in the beautiful city of Bordeaux recently. It's not so long ago that they transformed their city with the introduction of a tram system and a few terrific other developments. The surrounding roads are still gridlocked morning & night as people try to get to the places trams don't go...

French food... Simple food, well cooked, superb! but on talking to my host, he was most surprised to hear how terribly we treat the wonderful fresh ingredients we have on our doorstep... I'm not sure he even believed me when I explained about Youngs seafoods shipping langoustine to Thailand to be peeled, deep-fried and frozen for a return to our domestic market. I am happy to report though that Scottish Smoked Salmon is still revered in France as the king of fish.

In the end though, I find myself overwhelemed with how many great blogs there are out there and astonished at the arrogance of yon Andrew Marr gadgie, with his plookey, weans, living at home analagy for people who make a far better fist of his job (media commentator) for free... is it jealousy do you think?

In response to the Marr chappie, I recommend you visit the web site of Jonathon Mitchel which I fell upon when reading the recent offerings from the similarly excellent Lallands Peat Worrier and his link to the QC's musings on Compassionate Release.

Friday, 1 October 2010

The end of an era... and the start of something new...

It is with mixed emotions I hear that my good friend Finlay has decided to sell up his Guest house in Fife. The beautiful east Neuk village of Crail has become a real favourite of mine over the years and the hospitality at Caiplie House second to none.

He's a recently married man and it's time for a lifestyle change for him, so that's pretty exciting news and I look forward to seeing where he goes next.

If you're looking for a lifestyle change of your own, you could do worse than take a look here...