Thursday, 24 February 2011

Go jump off a cliff...

I've been having a wee interchange with my blog buddy Braveheart, who keeps me in mind of the narrow perspective that people from the West of Scotland seem to suffer. He's a moderate, sensible fellow by his own admission.

The crux of our recent debate has been that education stramash. Renfrew led SNP were considering diluting the teaching staff, and had the gone so far as trying to find a way to spin it as some sort of mutually beneficial, improvement to kids education. Personally, I reckon if someone gets trained to deal with a class room of kids and deliver a syllabus, then they're a teacher and they need to be treated as teachers, so it was all a bit of smoke and mirrors bullshit in order to make cost savings - why we don't just apply some sort of levy to those massive multi-national supermarkets instead of cutting our own throats and stifling our children's education I'll never know!

Anyway, Braveheart, being the fearless Labour spinner that he is reckons that's a much worse scenario than the situation in North Ayrshire where the Labour led council considered a proposal to cut the school week from 5 days to 4.

Now, neither proposal has actually come to fruition, but from my persepctive it's at least encouraging to note that the councils were willing to think outside of the box and give some air to all the proposals - I've been in enough brain storming sessions to see the merit in allowing all ideas to be be put on the board and then discussed in the group scenario. At least you get a consensus on what's acceptable and what's not. Sometimes you even get a better understanding of the original problem... but that's all by the bye. I'm not much impressed by the hysterical reactions from our supposed political leaders to these sorts of suggestions though.

The highlight of this wee debate though has been Braveheart suggesting that I go jump off a cliff - he seems to be under the impression that this is an idea I might dismiss out of hand immediately... poor boy!

Check this out:

PS The Sound track is pretty good too!

PPS Why don't we have a levy on those multi-million pound, multi-national companies that are killing our town centres again?

Tuesday, 8 February 2011


Last night on the way home from work the weasel words of Richard Baker on radio caused a sick feeling in my gut. To think that the Labour party might foist this oik upon us for the princely sum of £520.

As sympathetic as I am to the SNP, I'd be as happy with a true Labour government. Alas, this mob of liars and hypocrites don't come close to what I would wish a Labour government to be. They have no vision for the country they'd like us to be. Their centralising tendency and Central belt obsession bothers me. The class envy so endemic in their representatives irks me. I don't believe in any of them and after this Megrahi debacle they have lost all credibility - as if appointing Jackie Baillie as Shadow Health secretary had left them with any credibility - in Scotland.

They'll still be a major force after the next elections. They may even form the next Scottish government. It's a sickening thought!