Tuesday, 8 February 2011


Last night on the way home from work the weasel words of Richard Baker on radio caused a sick feeling in my gut. To think that the Labour party might foist this oik upon us for the princely sum of £520.

As sympathetic as I am to the SNP, I'd be as happy with a true Labour government. Alas, this mob of liars and hypocrites don't come close to what I would wish a Labour government to be. They have no vision for the country they'd like us to be. Their centralising tendency and Central belt obsession bothers me. The class envy so endemic in their representatives irks me. I don't believe in any of them and after this Megrahi debacle they have lost all credibility - as if appointing Jackie Baillie as Shadow Health secretary had left them with any credibility - in Scotland.

They'll still be a major force after the next elections. They may even form the next Scottish government. It's a sickening thought!


  1. Who is Ricahrd Baker and why does the prospect sicken you? It's not clear from the post.....

  2. He's the shadow spokesman for justice from the party that you blindly support Braveheart!


    He's a terrifying, political wannabe, gobshite come straight from the students union and into a position he's clearly incapable of handling.

    I'm not a fan! and if he's what the Labour party in Scotland are all about, then this is one vote they can forget.

  3. PS the £520 refers to the donation he personally made to the Iain Gray leadership campaign


    I can only assume it was that which qualifies him for the role of presenting the Labour view on Judicial matters...

    Good investment for him, I suppose.
    Such a shame that the Labour leadership holds the rest of us in such disdain...

  4. I think I saw him on Newsnight.

    He did a good job defending a difficult position.

    I noted the BBC lady interupted him continually and let his SNP opponent wax on forever with no let or hinder. The SNP bod even rudely spoke over what little bit of a speech Baker was allowed by the beeb interlocutor.

    But he kept his cool and kept to his brief....

    TBH, I find him no more obnoxious than many another MSP of all parties....

    But you're entitled to yor judgement.

  5. Aye Braveheart, sure!

    Even the Scotsman noted the Labour hypocrisy on this Megrahi matter yesterday, although I note that story has been replaced with a regurgutation of the McTernan spin today... although you'll find a much better analysis of that