Monday, 12 July 2010

No Mora Blogger?

Thanks to everyone who has dropped by for doing so. Especially thanks to everyone who bothered to comment.

I tried my hand at blogging because I thought journalism looked easy and I wanted to prove the point... well other than proving that people are equally capable of typing out dull, repeitive, copied ideas, I'm not really sure I proved anything.

At the previous elections I had some pretty strong SNP sympathies, but I felt pretty strongly that the stereotype of the Nationalist sympathiser was unfair. I wanted to express what I felt were my own reasonable reasons for supporting the SNP and try to disprove the notion that the SNP are some crackpot band of Anti-English rednecks. I'm a left wing, libertarian at heart, but I think of Scotland as a Nation with a history and an identity. I think of it as a resource rich land worthy of protection and I don't feel that London rule has always put Scotland's interests first - why should it and how could it?.

I'm utterly scunnered with politics though but even more so with what passes for our politicians - with the odd exception. Instead of regurguitating other people's political analysis, this is now the blog of a 40 year old (just 2 weeks ago, cheers!), left wing, libertarian who is going to do his damnest to enjoy life and leave a positive imprint.

Take it easy!


  1. Hullo there Mr Jim, ah've passed this way before, but mibbe nae recently. The election wis a bit o' a blur, too much fer an' auld addled brain like mine. Ah cam this way th'day through Mrs Subrosa's pyntin finger oan the Scottish Round-up (she's awfy kind so she is) an' ah hae a lot o' sympathy wi whit ye're sayin. Like yersel ah'm a bit scunnered wi politics jist noo, no a great feelin when there's a General Election lyin jist roon the corner, but that's whit ye get when ye lie in bed wi an elephant the size o' England. There are indeed ither lefty-libertarian SNP supporters aboot, wha arenae in the least anti-English, but wha can be anti-Union wi nae shame.

    Ah didnae think ah could compete wi ithers when it cam tae enunciatin the nuances o' oor politics, yet ah still wantit tae dip ma taes in the watters o' the blogosphere, sae ah've taken anither wee tack an' decidit tae tell ma stories, the stories o' ma life an' ma favourite twin-touns o' Leith an' Embra. In daein sae, ah hope tae enlighten fowk oan the enlightened country we bide in, it's a fabby wee country o' which ah'm awfy prood.

    Gaun yersel, let the wind freely rush through yer brain, liberate yersel wi yer ain libertarianism. Guid luck an' guid cheer!

  2. Thanks for dropping by Sophia. Dn't worry, I'm sure I'll be venting my spleen at something or another soon enough ;-)


    PS Loving your use of Scots. I often think I should use it more mair often masel'

  3. N-M-D
    Happy birthday for the other day old man. I'm one of those who looks up your posts on a regular basis, but rarely leaves a comment - I think its called "lurking". Anyway good luck to you. Always enjoy your stuff, whether its politics or the absudities of life in general.

  4. Many thanks Cruachan! I'm something of a "lurker" myself ;-)