Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Every cloud...

It's long been a bone of contention between myself and any radio DJ that I deign to listen to on my route into work that they shouldn't bang on and on about the great stuff they're going to be playing in about half an hour, or just after 9.
Dominic Diamond when he was on in the mornings was a real sinner in that regard, but Billy Rankin can be a bit like it too. I'm sure they don't mean to annoy me, but I've got to get to work and I don't get the chance to impose my musical tastes on my colleagues once I'm there... which is why this Winter wonderland weather which has forced the school kids to stay at home and everyone else to drive at 10mph has been such a boon. I stoicly trooped into work this morning well after 9am with 'Bad to the Bone' still reverberating round my head... cracking stuff!!!... but it's not all good... It turns out that about 9am they start telling you what they're going to play at 9:30am... tossers!!

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