Friday, 24 December 2010

Quel Damage!

Sorry to hear that the authorities have managed to do for Tommy Sheridan, where the News of the World failed. Such a shame that it has come to this, that the state is so willing to expend countless police hours and resource on behalf of the Murdoch empire. Let's not forget the News of the World were willing to pay the equivalent of the damages Sheridan was awarded, for a tawdry piece of uncorroborated 'video' which didn't even show Sheridan's face.

I've no doubt he'll be doing a considerable stint inside - whilst the News of the World won't even be printing an apology for the 'lies' that they printed in exaggerating Sheridan's antics. It's a funny old world right enough!

Still, I'll always remember Tommy Sheridan as the young, firebrand agitator who stood up against the indignities of the Warrant sales, executed as part of Thatcher's assault on the poor. He was the one who fought for what was right and he was the one whose actions saw the Scottish parliament abolishing that abominable and humiliating deed. If only a few more of our politicians could see there way to getting a bit of 3-way bedroom action, we might have a parliament worthy of the name.

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