Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Kicking myself...

Never mind Tyre kicking, I'm kicking myself. Last year I slid about on the ice like Bambi in our front wheel drive car, that supposedly proves German advancement through Technology.

Having lived amongst the sausage munchers for a cracking couple of years back in the 90's I'm more than familiar with their habit (now enshrined in their laws, I believe) of having 2 sets of wheels, one for summer and one for Winter on their cars. It makes perfect sense. If you're going to shell out a significant wedge for a car, then a coupe of hundred quid on keeping the damn thing roadworthy in rotten weather makes sense. Not doing it because we only really have a few days of freakishly bad weather is false economy!! Remeber that! It's a false economy - don't be swayed!

I looked into getting some Winter tyres last year and after various discussions with dealers I decided the best way forward was to procure some 2nd hand wheels and get them fitted with the Winter tyres. You don't need snazzy alloys in the snow - noone can see them anyway! Plus in realy bad conditions you're pretty likely to be hitting kerbs and pavements as you try to park in the snow.

The results is that we can say with some degree of confidence I'm a lazy fud with some good ideas and pretty poor finishing skills!

From this year onwards we are a 2 sets of wheels for the car family!!! I promise!

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