Friday, 10 December 2010

The American wheels of justice

It seems the anti-American agenda on the internet is ill founded. The Septics have every right to be concerned that people might find out what they're saying behind their backs - after all, how can you claim to be the world's moral authority if your opinions are revealed to be based on idle tittle-tattle or ill formed impressions of a foreign, sovereign, states's judicial system.

The concerns about Gary Mackinnon not getting a fair trial from these bams is just paranoia. Just because they come across as an nation of immature, gung-ho, rambo wannabes who simply can't handle getting a reddie from what they see as an inferior species shouldn't stop us extraditing a guy, who broke no laws in this country, over there to be made an example of.

I mean, how can we not love and respect a country that takes it upon itself to exonerate a dead rock star for flashing some 40 years ago.

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