Thursday, 31 March 2011

Shurely it's Sean for President

Just up from my sick bed... it seems there's an election coming up... These days I prefer to catch up with the news from the blogosphere - at least the contributors are (mostly) honest about their allegiances.

One of the most fair minded and objective bloggers on my list of favourite reads must be Stuart Winton fae Dundee. So I do take seriously his criticism of the SNP reusing the 'Alex Salmond for First Minister' slogan on the ballot papers - then again it wasn't the SNP who came up with the rules and the first objective of the SNP campaign must be for them to win the election - the people will decide, whether other parties feel the electorate aren't smart enough to understand the ballot paper or otherwise - Personally I'm more concerned about the AV referendum overshadowing the Scottish elections with UK wide politicking from Labour, Consevative and Lib Dem on that peculiar issue. I'm pretty sure that the aim is to drown out the SNP's election message with Unionist propoganda.

Still, that's not why I'm here today, Stuart's blog title Alex Salmond for President?, reminded me of the excellent Tartan Specials song for big Sean, and seeing as I need cheering up - here it is:


  1. Thanks for the kind words, Jim.

    Clearly we disagree about the ballot paper, but we do concur about the AV referendum, which seems to exist merely to keep Nick Clegg happy with his token sop for the coalition agreement, and I suspect the (UK) turnout will be abysmal.

    However, I do keep forgetting about it though, and suspect it will be completely overshadowed up here by the Holyrood poll. And I think a lot of Scots voters will get a big surprise when they enter the polling booth!

    Glad you're out of your sick bed, but if you're still feeling a bit fragile then I'd avoid the election for a few days ;0)

  2. No worries Stuart!

    Did you play the song though?

  3. Indeed I did, Jim.

    Very funny, but I wonder what Alex would think of it - I believe it dates from Jack McConnell's days!

  4. Yeah, like most of the opinions I express on here, it's old hat - but I like it ;-)