Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Andy 'Lock em Up' Kerr

Andy '1 hospital for the price of 2' Kerr, Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Finance and Sustainable Growth, was on Radio Scotland this morning, not only pushing the Labour line of mandatory sentences (6 months apparently) for people caught in possession of a knife, but absolutely resolute in his determination that a Labour government would find the money to fund this policy.

So, there you go. Not only are they still pursuing a policy opposed by senior police officers and highly qualified candidates, such as former president of the Law Society of Scotland, Ian Smart, but in these austere times, they're going to make finding the money to lock up everyone carrying a knife a priority. It seems the Labour lunacy on this is not restricted to Richard Baker.

Iain Gray, Andy Kerr, Richard Baker, Jackie Baillie - those are the candidates Labour think appropriate for running this country. Don't let them do this to us!


  1. I have to say I have no sympathy with people who carry offensive weapons.

    As for the money, it can be found to meet political priorities, so it's good if you have good priorities, like saving life and limb...

  2. Braveheart!

    Labour can make locking up scared young men, living in destitute schemes their political priority - let's just hope that the people return a government with more positive aspirations for the people of this country.


  3. Fair to say that not many senior police officers or former presidents of the Law Society live in areas full of Buckied up neds carrying knives.

    The reality on the factory floor is always different from the view of management.

  4. I see, anonymous - you don't think that senior police officers have much interest in youth crime... interesting!

    How that view from the Ivory tower of management must be so distorted by those high fallutin' ideas like 'prison capacity' or 'effective deterent'... some might call it the bigger picture, but if the boays on the shoap floor think a blade's a blade and it deserves 6 months in the Barlinnie finishing school for headbangers, then fair play to them.

    It is interesting to note that you are concerned about gangs of youths that may have gotten themselves intoxicated by alcohol - wouldn't it be sweet if there was actually a political party out there who'd also identified that specific issue and pushed forward initiatives to combat our National problem with the Bevvy. oh, there is, but they seem to be out on their own... well, apart from the support of the Police (again!) and the BMA.