Friday, 4 March 2011

Closer to the Heart

Greatly amused by the Labour blogger who recently rationalised his distillation of a Salmond answer at FMQ's to 'bluster' without actually mentioning the points Salmond had made by quoting Simon and Garfunkel "a man hears what he wants to hear
and disregards the rest". In essence he's admitted that he doesn't care what Salmond actually said anyway - not very objective to my mind, but then I'm no party apparatchik or apologist.

Much as I like Simon and Garfunkel though I tend to think that my political inclinations are rather better expressed by Geddy Lee - enjoy!

and don't forget


  1. I saw Rush at the Glasgow Apollo back in 1980 or 81.

    I remember the smoke, the lovely, sweet, sweet was like I was on a passage to Bangkok.

    One of the mates I was with was a hard core fan, he got the "Starman" tattooed on his arm; his dad thought he was gay and chucked him out the house...

  2. Nice one Conan!

    Never been a smoker myself, but it would have been round about that time (1980ish) when this naive country boy asked his dad to smoke roll ups instead of normal cigaretes because the smell was so much sweeter... cue much laughter from dad's roll up smoking mates...