Friday, 4 March 2011

Credit where it's due

Whilst the cost of being sick in England is about to rise by another 20 pence it was heartening to hear this week that Labour actually voted with the SNP on an SNP initiative, leaving the Tories and Lib-Dems to squabble over the title of most mean-spirited party - with Bill Aitken recently having to stand down as the Tory mouth piece on Justice, there was certainly an opportunity for the Lib-Dems to step up to the plate.

Whilst it is typical of the Tories only to consider short term costs rather than long term values, what on earth has happened to the Lib Dems, whom I could once upon a time identify with?

Well done Labour though!


  1. Jiom

    I think I have deleted a comment you made on my blog before posting it... sorry....

  2. no problems Braveheart, I'm sure I'll probably vent my spleen on your blog again ;-)

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  4. "Thanks" anonymous, but I find it a wee bit strange and not a little sinsister that you should feel the need to post that information Anonomously.

    Normally I wouldn't delete any comments, but if Braveheart wants to reveal himself I'm sure he's more than capable and if you want to put a name to Braveheart it would be better if you did so whilst using your own name - otherwise, blog identities, pseudonyms and even alter-egos are all welcome here.