Friday, 6 August 2010

What's good for the goose...

Aw for fox sake! Just when I thought that stirring controversy from fuck all hee haw, was the sole preserve of the Labour MSP, Alex Neil steps up to the plate to demand the resignation of Karen Whitefield... her crime? She's written letters of congratulations to Primary school children heading off to the big school after summer...

If there was some controversy over how Ms. Whitefield had obtained the addresses, maybe a quiet word in someone's ear over the aye's and naw's of database access. The dangers to children however are not from someone in public office sending them a letter of congratulations. To pretend that this is somehow an issue of child protection rather than some reprehensible and petty party political point scoring is insulting to us all.

Alex Neil MSP - "Seems to have little grasp of perspective! Must do better next term - perhaps paradoxically, should consider not trying quite so hard!"


  1. I think Alex has a valid point even although Ms Whitefield's gesture is admirable.

    Ms Whitefield shouldn't be able to use her position to access children's details. I wonder if the school would have been so accommodating if it was a parent who wanted the information in order to congratulate the children.

  2. Let's not kid ourselves. Karen Whitefield did not send these letters. She maybe worded it, but others processed them for her.

    Who knows who these people are?