Thursday, 5 August 2010

Pathetic Peacock prefers pointless party political protest to personal pride

Sad to see yet another Labour MSP stoop to the depths normally occupied by Richard Baker in order to get some press time. How pathetic is Peter Peacock? In, what I can only hope is faux, indignation he 'slams' Alex Salmond for a quip made to the excellent Scottish golfing magazine, Bunkered.

Mr Salmond told the current edition of Bunkered magazine, in an interview before last week's meeting in Dornoch, that ministers would be promoting the local hotel and good causes in the Highlands.

He added: "Having said all that, the fact that I've never played Royal Dornoch crept into the equation. As someone who has played hundreds of Scottish courses, I feel bereft that I`ve never played Royal Dornoch, but I`ll be putting that right soon."

Peackock's reaction:
"This is an extraordinary admission from Mr Salmond and an abuse of public money," the former education minister said.

Sometimes I think that the Unionist parties have taken it upon themselves to convince that electorate that we are too wee, petty and stupid to be responsible for our own affairs. If that's the case, good on Peacock and Baker for their willingness to take one for the team paying the price of their own dignity. Personally, I'd rather have Alex Salmond talking us up than have these stooges talking us down. I'd rather have the likes of the first minister giving rural communities the sort of boost that his quip could have been, without some big mouthed dummy spoiling the potential in order to score a worthless party political point - but hey! that's just me!


  1. I'm surprised you didn't include Peter Peacock's full name in your title, Jim - that would have added another 'p'!!

  2. Oh no!
    I don't want to be thought of as someone taking the p!

  3. If one can plunge the depths and scrap the barrel at the same time then the UK Labour Party (Scottish branch) seem to manage it - even on something as petty as which, or how many, golf courses Alex has played on.