Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Scottish football - warped sport

With the moral arbiters wringing their hands and gnashing their teeth at the possibility that some Pakistani players might have allowed bookmakers to lose vast sums of money - Quel Damage! - I note that the Scottish back pages have quickly forgotten Celtic's woeful European performance - what with that magnificent late penalty at Motherwell, who wouldn't think the corner had been turned! - and are celebrating the elevation of Anthony stokes to the Old Firm... What a joke!

With the war criminal still in charge of them, despite forking out a fortune for the worst manager in their history then replacing him with an untested and utterly inexperienced manager with a history of confrontation, particularly with their arch antagonists on the other side of the city... I am disgusted today that 3 games into the season they've signed the Hibs striker.

Having opened a new stand and with their history of boardroom parsimony I suppose it's only to be expected that Hibs would allow it to go through, but how disappointing for the Hibs fans to find that once again their club is treated as nothing more than a nursery for the Old Firm. No doubt time will pass and the the knuckle draggers will be bemoaning the lack of domestic competition which prevents them competing beyond... err August!!!! in Europe...

What sane competitive league would allow a team from the same league to sign a key first team player from one of it's rivals just after the start of the season, i.e. after pre-season training is complete and the manager has bedded in his first team? I understand that the manager should need to have contingencies for losing a player to injury, but to lose a top player who has been an integral part of your strategy and planning for the season must be utterly gauling. To lose him to a rival giving them both your player and an insight into your plans for the season... it's beyond belief!

Scottish Football? A cruel Glasgow-centric joke played on the rest of us!

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