Monday, 23 April 2012

That Doosan thing...

I'm not going to try to defend or castigate the SNP government for the Doosan thing last week, I think it looks bad on them, but what bothers me immensely about the whole subject is how a massive company in Renfrewshire could postpone a proposed investment in a Renfrewshire site (MP Jim Sheridan, Labour), including a large number of engineering jobs and Labour miss it entirely for 4 months. I mean if there was one area in which you might have thought Labour would have some interest or perhaps even activists involved it would be in Industrial relations and any plans for employing large numbers of people on Clydeside engineering would be right on their radar. But no, nothing, nada. It's all a big surprise to then that Alec Salmond didn't highlight it for them (really??). I mean if Labour aren't able to keep their eye on the ball in the one area where you might have thought they could be halfway competent, what the devil would they be like in areas in which they are less expert, such as hospital PPI contracts... oh!

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  1. Just have the referendum and decide the bloody thing one way or another!